Jim Stevens in Scrimshaw Studio

The Scrimshaw Studio

... and Art of Jim Stevens

Jim Stevens is an award winning international artist and author who is also legally blind, with only a pin dot of vision remaining in both eyes.  He lost his sight as a result of combat wounds while serving in the U.S. Army.  His loss of vision forced the artist to rethink his approach to the art he loves.  Today he uses a combination of visual lenses along with his sense of touch to complete each of his extraordinary paintings, scrimshaw etchings and custom works of art.  Jim has defied the odds but in his own words, "A man with a vision is never truly blind."

Jim's art has been featured in diverse range of media outlets:

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Portfolio of Scrimshaw art


Paintings & Paper

Portfolio of Monofilament,
Abstract Linear and Mosaic Paintings
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Other Creations

Other Unique Works of Art

"Never has writing a check been such a pleasure for me.
You are a wonder!"

-Dr. S. Meadows, Beckley, West Virginia




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