“Scrimshaw Ships Checks”

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A Whale of a Design

Centuries ago, scrimshaw was a way for whalers to pass the time as their ship sailed across the Pacific Ocean.

The crew would etch designs into the bones, teeth and tusks of whales and walruses that had been harvested from the sea. While there are no more whaling ships, the art lives on today and was even collected by President John F. Kennedy.

The practice of scrimshaw requires patience and intense attention to detail. Yet one of the most well-known scrimshaw artists – Jim Stevens – is legally blind. He lost his sight after being injured in combat while serving in the U.S. Army.

Using special lenses and his sense of touch Stevens’ is able to continue creating the art form he loves. His intricate pieces are similar to the vessels featured on Scrimshaw Ships Personal Checks from CheckAdvantage.

These unique checks are a must have for collectors of nautical memorabilia!

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Check Advantage

July 21, 2011