“Jim Stevens original drawings”

Jim Stevens is a client of ours and we recently reproduced one of his original drawings. This reproduction won the Peoples Choice Award for the 2011 Veterans Fine Art, Applied Arts, and Crafts Art Show and Competiton.

Stevens is legally blind, with only an extremely small point of vision remaining in both eyes. He creates work under the Scrimshaw tradition, which is the art of inscribing designs or drawings on bone, antler, or fossil.

“He lost his sight as a result of combat wounds suffered while serving in the U.S. Army. His loss of vision forced the artist to rethink his approach to the art he loves. Today he uses a combination of visual lenses along with his sense of touch to complete each of his works of art, and custom scrimshaw creations. Jim is the master scrimshaw and ivory craftsman for Fenton, the international jewelry design studio based in New York City, and he also teaches the art of scrimshaw at Trinidad State College in Colorado. As an author, Jim has written three comprehensive illustrated books on the art of scrimshaw.”
– www.scrimshawstudio.com

You can visit his website to purchase a print and see his award winning art work.


Infinite Editions Fine Art Printmaking

February 18, 2011

Ron Landucci