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Scrimshaw Artists

David Adams – Online gallery of David Adams artworks. Features fine art scrimshaw and original artworks and reproductions for collectors. Site also includes demonstrations and tips for artists

Dick Atkinson - Designer and manufacturer of VZ Grips. Dick Atkinson offers custom machined micarta pistol grips and some custom knives with scrimshaw.

Rachel Badeau – (Moosup Valley Designs) Original scrimshaw, paintings, giclée prints, and jewelry.

Mary W. Bailey – (Dragon Scrim Lair Scrimshaw Art) Hand etched scrimshaw on natural and manmade materials. Loves dragons, celtic knots and wildlife themes. Also feaures handmade custom knives.

Kristen Barndt – Features Knives, Jewelry, pistol grips, and unique art pieces.

Gaetan Beauchamp – Features custom knives with both scrimshaw and reverse scrimshaw on a variety of grip materials.

Rick Bowles – Fine scrimshaw available exclusively on Randal Made Knives.

Greg Boyd – ( Fine scrimshaw on proprietary faux ivory material called Boydstone.

Bailey Bradshaw – (Bradshaw Cultlery) Custom knives by a master artisan.

Sandra Brady – Features display pieces, jewelry, knives, pistol grips, and unique art pieces.*

Tom Burke – Features celtic scrimshaw jewelry.

Rachael Calkins – Specializing in handcrafted, made--to-order custom scrimshaw. Knives, pendants, rings, money cliips.

Terry Christian – Features wildlife, portraits, knives, nautical, jewelery, and accepts commissions.

Clifton – Hand-engraved custom scrimshaw mugs. Boats, ships, lighthouses or created from any photo.

Marvin M. Cohen – (Ancient Ivories Studio) Legal Sperm Whale's teeth registered with the U.S. Department of Commerce. Also features knives, jewelry, writing instruments, globes, and more.

Michael Cohen – (The Michael Cohen Portfolio) Enjoys doing ommisisoned portraiture with a preference for portraits of women dressed in medieval/ renaissance/ fantasy garb.

Mike Cook – (Art of Ishi) Collectable and functional art and scrimshaw in exotic stone, ivory and opal.

Charles Connor III – (Wildscrim) Features display pieces and more. Themes include nautical,portraits,wildlife, and others on legalized ivory, mammoth and fossil walrus.

Barbara Cullen – (Mystic Scrimshanders) Barbara creates scenes of wildlife, portraits, mermaids and more on ancient walrus, prehistoric mammoth and old whale teeth. Home of the Mystic Scrimshanders National Scrimshaw Competition.

Jessica Kagan Cushman – Ivory, gems and scrimshaw create one-of-a-kind, couture jewels.

Mary Davidson – (Rocket Knives) Portraits, wildlife and other types of scrimshaw on different types of ivories.*

Mark DeCou – (DeCou Studio) Features powder horns, canes, knives, and more.*

Roni Dietrich – (Wild Horse Studio) Features wildlife, big cats, horses, pet portraits and tasteful figures.*

Elizabeth Dolbare – Engraved and scrimshaw designs on knives, guns, gun grips, motorcycle parts, jewelry and buckles.

Deb Donnelly – Nautical art and images, gun handle grips, knife handles, ivory insets for jewelry boxes, belt buckles, plaques, jewelry, piano keys, and more.

Jim Downing – Quality custom engraving and scrimshaw for firearms, knives, and scrimshaw display pieces.

Peter Driscoll – (Watermark Products) Subjects such as nautical scenes, historical scenes, landmark buildings, animals, calendar keys, musical instruments, and work by commission.

Daniel Farrell – Features poker chips, knives, teeth, and more. Each piece of ivory is hand shaped, polished and hand scrimshawed.

Jessie Ghere Feather – Specializing in Native American art, as well as nature and wildlife.

R. Ferrar – (Patagonia Scrimshaw) Custom hand engraved ivory of wildlife, portraits, nautical and modern themes.

Gary Fiedler – Quality scrimshaw on powderhorns and mammoth ivory display pieces, pendats, buckles, and buckles. Custom work welcomed.

Nicholas Finocchio – Scrimshaw on a wide variety of materials and themes.

Jay Fisher – Fine custom knife etching, filework, carving, overlay, and scrimshaw embellishment.

William Gilkerson – Professional marine artist, author and historian. Sometimes still does scrimshaw on commission, when the transaction interests him and can be done without violation of the endangered species laws.

Larry Gotkin – Commissions, gun and knife grips, display pieces, jewelry, and more.

Stan Hawkins – Carving under the name Little Hawk, Stan creates scrimshaw, stone sculptures, carved carousel horses and other creatures that are often sold before they become available to the public.

Crystal Herbert ( – Specializing in scrimshaw on custom pool cues with scrollwork, wildlife, fantasy, and other commisioned themes.

Bob Hergert – Scrimshaw raised to the level of fine art. Work includes display art, knife grips, wildlife, miniatures, portraits, nauticals, nudes, guitar truss rod covers, and more.

Steve Jessup – (Scrimshaw Specialties) Second generation scrimshander featuring wildlife, nautical scenes, jewelry, and more.

Anouk Johanna - Most known for her teddy bear portraits which she meticulously engraves "freehand" on fossil mammoth and walrus ivories.

Sharon Johnston – Scrimshawed ivory guitar picks and jewelry.

Reg Kalkins – (Alaska Baleen Scrimshaw) Scrimshaw art and specialized custom requests done on baleen.

Linda Karst Stone – Her focus on anatomy, figure drawing, and design are reflected in her work which is done in the traditional method without the use of machines.

Scot Kimel – (Carolina Custom Scrimshaw) Features knife grips, display pieces, jewelry, and miniatures.

Bridget Lajoie – Display pieces, cribbage boards,

Steve Lankerd Sr. – (Northern Lights Handcrafted Gifts) Features jewelry, necklaces, earrings, hair barrettes and collectable display pieces

Harvey Leach – Custom guitars with ivory and scrimshaw inlay.

Mel Long – Custom knifemaker who uses a wide variety of grip materials, including oosik, micarta, and antler, in the creation of beautiful custom knives.

Ron Luebke Jr. (Ron Jr.) – Beautiful scrimshaw and bulino engraving that encompass a broad range of subject matter from animals to nudes.

Nancy Lyon – (The Black Whale Gallery) The gallery offers Nancy’s scrimshaw, etchings, note cards, paintings and other works.

Walter M. Mabry – (Ancient Ivories Studio) Gold and silver scrimshaw jewelry, custom and semi-custom scrimshaw knives, scrimshaw Sperm Whale teeth, scrimshaw globes, fossil ivory amulets, talismans, pens and scrimshaw nautical gifts - All on non-contemporary, Fossil Walrus, Mammoth and Sperm Whale Ivories.

Don Macdonald – (Martha's Vineyard Gifts) Nantucket basket tops, jewelry, scrimshaw knives, and more.

Gene Martin – ( Knife grips done with the stippling technique on ancient ivory. Prefers wildlife themes.

Turning Bear Mason – Specializes in custom work for knife handles, jewelry, pistol grips, and more.

Mary Mueller – Original jewelry, display pieces, boxes, and more.

Larry Nowiki – Hand forged custom knives that can include scrimshaw grip embellishment.

Michelle Ochonicky – (Stone Hollow Scrimshaw Studio) Boxes, display pieces and custom work is accepted.

Colin Patterson – Specializes in customizing existing knives and creating new custom ones. Knife grips can include scrimshaw embellishment.

Andrew Perkins – ( Scrimshaw on eco-friendly and other materials, how to scrimshaw, kits and finished jewelry available.*

Katherine Plumer – (Scrimshaw by Katherine Plumer) Fine art scrimshaw by award winning artist Katherine Plumer. Specializing in animal, wildlife, and figurative subjects. Jewelry, knives, art. Located in Wilton, California.

Mark Preston (Shinin' Times Custom Engraved Powder Horns) – Two-time blue ribbon winner at Honourable Company of Horners show. Scrimshaw and engraving on powder horns.

Richard A. Ramsey – Custom bowie knives, damascus knives, skinning knives, knife sheaths, handcrafted knives, custom hunting knives, and more. Knife grips can include scrimshaw embellishment.

Salman Rashidi – (Rashidi Fine Art) Marine and wildlife scrimshaw and art by award winning New England artist.

Wayne and Karen Reno – (Artists of the Rockies) Wayne makes beautiful knives and Karen creates beautiful scrimshaw on both knives and custom art objects.

Lori Ristinen – Scrims by hand without a pattern. Likes African wildlife but scrims many subjects. Offers color and b&w pieces, display pieces, portraits, miniatures, and accepts commissions.*

Heidi Robichaud – Creates original Northwestern designs. Designs available include black bear, brown bear, salmon, duck, eagle, deer, and more. Also accepts custom orders.

Ron Rodeback – Creates a wide range of designs that include raptors, birds, mammals, native American, religious, and many others. Also accepts custom orders.

Howard Rosenfeld – Custom scrimshaw specializing in ship/sailboat portraits but does everything from people to horses to helicopters, large presentation pieces, belt buckles, pendants, plaques, and more.

Joanne Ryall – (Artemis WIld Design) With a passion for art, Joanne is able to capture memories and images in a rare and finely detailed style of scrimshaw for her clients.

Sidney L. Ryan – Fine handgun engraving and scrimshaw gun grips.

Viveca Sahlin – (ScrimArt) Display pieces, knife grips, pendants, and more. Accepts commissions.

Leonard Savage – (Alaska Scrimshaw) Features walrus ivory carvings of wildlife and Alaskan themes.

Michael Sheppard – (Thunder Bolt Blades) Custom knife maker, custom carving knives, and custom scriimshaw work.

Dennis Sims – (Alaska Scrimshaw) Display pieces, knives, necklaces, earings, bolo ties, and more.

David Smith – Member of the American Society of Marine Artists. Display piece themes include nautical, wildlife, portraits, and more.

Peggy Smith – (The Smith Shop) Knife grips, jewelry, display pieces, and more.

Kurt Sperry – Hand engraved scrimshaw globes.

David Stanbrough – (Grizzly Mountain Arts) Ancient ivory jewelry.

JoAnna Westmorland Stanbrough – (Grizzly Mountain Arts) Ancient ivory jewelry.

Jim Stevens – (Scrimshaw Studio) Scrimshaw information, education and fine art, sculpture, jewelry, custom inlay, and special orders in fossil ivory.

Dan Stockwell – Features display pieces and powderhorns.

Matt Stothart – (Bellingham Scrimshaw) Museum quality fine art. Artwork includes nautical, wildlife, globes, whaling scenes, knife grips, and more.

Michael Strzalkowski – (Pyrate) Sculpture pieces, jewelry carvings and museum quality restorations.

Twyla (Taylor)– (Leverguns.Com) Detailed work on pistol grips, knife grips and cue balls. Also ivory poker chips and jewelry.

Mark Thogerson – (The Webshander - Custom Scrimshaw) Nautical, wildflower and wildlife themes are favorites. Also offers jewelry, cribbage boards, Nantucket baskets, and accessory items and objects on which the scrimshaw is mounted.

Howard Thomas – (Sailors Dream) Display pieces, jewelry, gun grips, custom orders.

Keith W. Thrasher – Specializes in custom commission work, portraits, knives, nudes, wildlife and nautical.

George Tichbourne – (A Touch of Class) Offers bowie knives, custom kitchen, hunting, and military folders. Knife grips can include scrimshaw embellishment.

Jane Tukarski – Fine art display pieces, jewelry and commissions. Themes include wildlife, nautical, portraits, and more.

Lara Tukarski – Flying Cloud Scrimshaw. Original handmade scrimshaw on ivory and bone.

Stephan Turner – Fine art display pieces and commissions on fossil walrus and mammoth ivory. Themes include wildlife, nautical, portraits, whaling scenes, and more.

George Vukson – (Ice Age Arts, PO Box 877413, Wasilla, AK 99687Phone: 907-373-6166) Alaskan scrimshaw and bone carvings and wok on antler and horn.

Al Warren – Custom pocket knives, fixed blade hunters, skinners, bowie knife, custom bowie knife, folding bowie knife, hunting bowie knife, fillets, swords, and kitchen cutlery. Some knife grips can have scrimshaw embellishment.

David Warther II – ( Fifth generation ivory carver. Carving solid ivory model ships which depict "The History of the Ship" from 1st Dynasty Egypt (3000 B.C.) to the present day for the Warther Museum. Even the rigging on the ships is carved of ivory.

Jason Webb – Scrimshaw of both original and client requested images ranging from the traditional to the whinsical. Contact Jason via email. See artical about his work by clicking here.

Ed Weber – Specializing in portraits, and truss rod covers for musicians.

Robert Weiss – ( Fine contemporary marine scrimshaw. Themes include all things nautical, including marine wildlife, sea planes, ships, portraits, and more.

Tina M. White – (Scrimworks) Enjoys both traditional and non-traditional themes. Features display pieces and pendants. Themes include wildlife, ships, people, nudes, and more.

Gary Williams – (Scrimshaw by Garbo) Scrimshaw original art. Artwork includes animals, knives, miniatures, people, and more.

Scrimshaw Supplies & Materials

Boone Trading Company - Fossil and pre-ban ivory and other natural materials supplier.

Coast Ivory - Fossil and pre-ban elephant ivory supplier.

Cochise Mercantile and Cochise Imprinting – Currently the largest manufacturer of blank faux ivory whale teeth as well as faux ivory knife scales. We can clone almost anything to create new faux ivory items.

Crazy Crow Trading Post – Supplier of Native American Indian and American Mountain Man crafts, craft supplies and craft kits.

Cutlery Specialties – ( Supplier of Renaissance Wax. A great product for ivory cleaning, polishing and preservation.

Miles of Alaska - Has many individual pieces of mammoth and fossil walrus. Miles is often out in the wilderness making a living, so give him a day or two to get back to his cabin and he'll answer your email.

Fine Turnage Productions – Fossil ivory supplier including gun grips and knife scales of mammoth teeth. – Buys and sells pre-ban ivory. - Knife scale supplier in fossil ivory and a wide delection of exotic woods and unique materials.

Kowak Ivory - Supplier of ancient ivories, fossil bones, ivory specimens, jewelry, and rare antiquities to artists, craftsmen, gift shops and collectors since 1985.

Oso Famoso - Fossil ivory supplier.

Powderhorns and More – Supplier of finished powder horns, polished blank cow horns and more.

The Scarlet Scarab – Supplier of horn and bone accessories and accoutrements for 18th century re-enactors.

Village Restorations & Consulting, Inc. – Supplier of polished powder horns and items related to horn making and accoutrements.

 Nantucket Baskets/Misc Scrimshaw

All Hand Made Baskets – Antique, Shaker, Nantucket and country baskets made to order. Special orders available.

All Tucker'd Out – Handmade Nantucket Lightship baskets in sizes ranging from miniature baskets up to large baskets.*

Basket Crafts – Basket Weaving and More – Informative article on basket weaving suggested by teacher Joan Ward's elementary school students in Maine.

Basketry, Etc. – Handcrafted Nantucket Baskets offering many traditional styles and sizes as well as Maggie’s original designs. – Nathan (Nate) Taylor offers baskets, supplies and instruction.

Basketville, Inc. – America's Oldest Basket Company. Our Nantucket baskets are made of traditional materials.

Best of New England – Authentic replicas of the original Lightship baskets.

Dana Gore – Nantucket baskets, hand-crafted individually by Dana, signed and dated. Each basket is unique unto itself.

DELS Nantucket Baskets – Offers nantucket lightship baskets, nantucket basket supplies, basket weaving classes, ivory carvings and scrimshaw.

Jymm Russell Nantucket Baskets – Nantucket Baskets, Purses and custom made Nantucket baskets by Master Weaver Jymm Russell, a blind craftsman.

Martha's Vineyard Gifts – Nantucket basket tops, jewelry, scrimshaw knives, and more.

Nantucket Baskets and Purses – Nantucket baskets and purses in a style also know as Nantucket lightship baskets.

Nantucket Basket Works of Cape Cod – Finely woven authentic Nantucket lightship baskets in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Nantucket Lightship Basket Shop – Nantucket Basket Shop located on Nantucket Island, custom made Nantucket Lightship Baskets as well as a full line of Nantucket Basket supplies. – This site provides a platform for collectors to share images of antique, vintage, & contemporary scrimshaw.*

Simply Baskets – Artist Signed Hand Woven Baskets. Simply Baskets offers a wide variety of one-of-a-kind handwoven and artisan signed baskets, including vintage and antique baskets!*

Avas Flowers: All About Weaving Baskets - History, materials and how-to.

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VSA Arts Colorado – I recommend you visit them. VSA Arts is a national program that supports quality artists (who just happen to also be handicapped).