NBC News – Next with Kyle Clark Interview

With the pandemic in full force, I haven’t had a haircut in three months, so I look a bit more shaggy these days, but this video answers some of the questions about how I create my monofilament paintings. As you watch, I talk about the vertical and stippling brush strokes I use. Stippling is the pouncing, up and down, of the brush I’m using. I load the brush with just a little paint, wipe some of it off on a paper towel, and then stipple the image instead of using a brush stroke. This is a dry brush technique that requires careful control of the brush so the paint only lands where it needs to be and I don’t get any stray paint on the strands nearby. I also talk about the lenses I use that help me with my work. Being legally blind, the lenses help me technically so I can scan the canvas of strands a little better and know that the spot I’m painting will blend the way I want with what I’ve already painted and the spot I’ll be working on next.