“Sailor’s Widow Cross”

by artist Jim Stevens

Scrimshaw and Jewel Inlaid Pendant (click on image for full view)

The Widow’s Cross is hand carved ancient mammoth ivory inlaid with brilliant sapphire, emerald, precious diamonds and scrimshaw. The ivory is 10,000 to 50,000 years old.

The ivory represents the purity of faith, the sapphire the ever changing sea he left upon, the emeralds the earth she must forever wait upon. Three diamonds shine in the heavens above, and the scrimshaw below reveals the Christian anchor of hope.

The chain and findings are solid sterling silver.


Measures Approximately

1.625" x 1.5"


If you would like Jim to create your own hand crafted “Sailor’s Widow Cross” contact him at: stevens@scrimshawstudio.com