“The Cheyenne Powder Horn”

by artist Jim Stevens

Hand Crafted Powder Horn (click on image for full view)

A unique piece of memorabilia, this work displays scrimshaw images of significance to the Cheyenne people.

Rotating the horn, the scrimshaw includes an eagle and wolf, ceremonial feathers, an eagle and cougar, ceremonial pipe and shield, war bonnet headdress, and Cheyenne warrior. On the butt plug is an inlaid ivory oval with the portrait of a Cheyenne warrior.

The horn construction displays a hand carved spout ring of inlaid silver and studs, carrying strap neck ring with a silver chain-and-feather plug retainer, a lower inlay of banded silver, a walnut stained ivory inlaid pine butt plug, and hand-wrought steel carrying strap staple.

The hand-crafted base is walnut stained pine.


Measures Approximately

11 1/2 OD Curve with 3" Butt Dia.