“The Santa Fe Trail Powder Horn”

by artist Jim Stevens

Hand Crafted Powder Horn (click on image for full view)

A unique piece of memorabilia, this work displays the scrimshaw portraits of Jedediah Smith and a Comanche warrior. Smith was killed by the Comanche near the Cimarron River along the Santa Fe Trail.

Rotating the horn, other scrimshaw images include a map of The Santa Fe Trail, an indigenous rattlesnake, Comanche bow and quiver, Comanche horse, the landscape along the trail, and a longrifle of the day along with its powder horn and possibles bag.

The horn construction displays a hand carved spout ring, carrying strap neck ring, triangle cut engrailment, walnut stained pine butt plug, and
hand-wrought steel carrying strap staple.

The hand-crafted base is arch-cut, walnut stained pine with felt covered support legs.


Measures Approximately

11" OD Curve with 2 1/2 Butt Dia."