1877 Colt Custom Pistol Grips

These Colt pistol grips were hand carved to fit the antique 1877 Lightening/Thunderer pistol. This is the same model pistol known to have been used by outlaws John Wesley Hardin and Billy the Kid. The inlaid metal escutcheons are also antique originals. The hand carving includes the original Colt logo, raised edging, and full coverage double diamond 24 lpi checkering of the ivory. These beautifully crafted ivory grips make the pistol a valued one-of-a-kind collectible.

All pistol grips created by Jim Stevens are hand carved to fit each individual weapon. They are never production or machine made.

“The grips arrived and they are beautiful. I put them on the pistol and it is now the centerpiece of my collection and my favorite.” – M. Fasano